Seed Challenge

Melita's Table seed Challenge

In honor of Earth Day, Melita’s Table invites you to grow some green goodness with us! The challenge is easy, choose a seed, plant it or sprout it, give your plant baby some water and love (maybe even a name…), share your growing adventures, and give back to the Earth! We want everyone to participate whether you live in an apartment, a tiny home, or a studio, everyone can grow one seed and we will help you! 

Together we can Celebrate Earth Day every day.

Hi Friends, I am so excited to grow with you during our 7-Week #SeedChallenge! I wanted to give you some personal growing inspiration from my own countertop garden.

Melita's Plants

1st we SPROUTI love tending to my little sprouts and plants in my kitchen, they are truly my little babies. Each time I water them, I sing a song, and show them some love.

Next, we watch them GROWHealthy, happy seeds and sprouts will give you healthy food that nourishes your body. In turn, you are giving love and care back to the planet, and she knows when she is being loved by us humans.

Lastly, we GIVE: I love to share the fresh food I’ve grown with my community garden and friends, making the circle of life complete. Sprout. Grow. Give. 

Share Your Growing Adventures

At Melita’s Table we know the value of fresh, naturally grown vegetables, as well as the community we sit down and eat with.  This year we wanted to connect all of you in the fun of growing your very own seed. We are all in this together! Share your seed journey with our community on Instagram #growingwithMelita. Together we can make a difference! 

Watch my Seed Grow Wednesday 

Just like your firstborn child, take a million pictures, capture every milestone, and share it all with the world! Every Wednesday we want to see your seed! Have fun with your seed, by naming it, like Sammy Seed or Shorty Seed, and share your seeds journey with our community. 

Let’s prepare to Grow our Seeds! 

Everyone can grow healthy food, yard and dirt optional. Choose to sprout seeds on your counter or get your hands dirty with traditional planting. Below are some options for you, with links to where you can purchase the seeds online easily.  There are many easy vegetables to grow like radishes, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, chili peppers and carrots. 

I have one question for you. Dirt or No Dirt? That is the question. It mostly depends on your level of comfort, ease and success. I want you to succeed and watch your seedling grow up to be big and nutritious. We have made shopping for your seeds and supplies super easy! All you have to do is click the yellow links below to purchase. Happy choosing!

Lentils in Jar
No Dirt Needed!

Choose one type of seed:
– Lentils
– Alfalfa
– Broccoli

Choose a sprouting container:
– Sprouting Kit or Glass Jar & Mesh Top
– Full kit with seeds 


1. Start with ¼ cup of lentils. Or try ⅛ cup of seeds such as alfalfa or broccoli seeds. 

2. Soak your seeds covered with water overnight.

3. The next morning drain all of the water from the jar. Lay the jar on its side so the seeds cover the length of the jar.

4. Rinse the seeds daily, draining all of the water each time. You should see little sprouts within one or two days.

5. Let your sprouts grow until the tails are least ¼” to ½” long.

6. Share your growing adventures with us on Instagram at #growingwithMelita

Seedling Plant
Get Ready to dig in the dirt!

Choose one type of seed:
Green Onions
– Greens Multi-Pack for Gardens

Choose a growing container:
– Plant these pots directly in the ground when seedling is ready.
Window garden set
 Seed starting kit
– Purchase small pot at a local store

Get Growing!

1. Fill your pot with soil. Explore your local garden center to find indoor potting soil.

2. Water the soil so it is moist.

3. Plant seed according to packet instructions. Make a little hole, gently add your seed, and give it a little love tap before covering it with soil!

4. Place the container in a well lit, warm area. Add a plastic bag over the top of your container to create a makeshift greenhouse for you little seed baby.

5. Keep soil damp during the sprouting process. Seeds love music and conversation, don’t be shy!

6. Share your growing journey with us on Instagram at #growingwithMelita

After your little bundle of joy is all grown up, maybe you will plant it outside, give it to a friend, or donate it to a local community garden? How will you share a little green goodness? 

Maybe you will be inspired to find a community garden plot to grow even more food or donate your little seedling to an existing garden! Here is a national list of community garden plots, search by zip code to find one near you.

Celebrate my Seed Sunday

I want to celebrate your seeds and your commitment to taking action, following through and seeing a new plant grow up to nourish us. Every Sunday our Social Media Team will pick our favorite Seed characters and highlight their progress on our Instagram account. Make sure you tag #growingwithMelita

I can’t wait to see your seeds! Thank you for your contribution. I am Melita, from Melita’s Table.    

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