Nachos and

Full of Flavor

Full of fresh veggies and whole grains, both our nachos and flautas will fill you up with tasty goodness. Our nachos are piled high with plant-based toppings, including marinated jackfruit, onions and red quinoa. We pack our signature queso planta separately for delivery, which avoids the dreaded soggy nachos.

If tacos, burritos, dairy-free desserts and savory sides weren’t enough, then be sure to sample our nachos and flautas.

Our nachos have it all: protein, carbs, and veggies, and, if you wish, cheese!!

They’re also completely customizable to suit a single diner, or a group gathered for a festive meal.

Our flautas are cooked until they’re really crispy. The crunch combined with the toppings and salsas of your choice make our flautas a perfectly traditional and quick meal option for your family.

The flautas are beyond divine, filled with Hungry Planet plant protein and drizzled with dairy-free crema, these flautas will make you a vegan believer! They come with a side of rice and beans, making this a filling meal for lunch or dinner.