Jack Asada EmpAnada

Jack Asada EmpAnada

We take this traditional comfort food and add some Oomph! Melita’s Table empanadas are filled with a potato mash and jack asada. Our jack asada is made from scratch with jackfruit, onions and spices. It is then marinated in adobo spices and grilled to perfection. We finish it off with non-dairy jack cheeze. We call it authentic Mexican food with a twist!

Our empanadas make great lunches; they are easy to heat up at the office or school. Although, you may find it hard to not devour them when they arrive fresh and hot at your door!

  • SF = Soy Free
  • NF = Nut Free
  • OF = Oil Free
  • GF = Gluten Free


Protein Veggie Non-Dairy Cheese

Jack Asada

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