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We know that to be healthy you must eat healthy. We use only amazing ingredients to create our unique plant-based appetizers. We list the main ingredients in every dish because we want you to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing what is in the food you are eating and feeding to your friends and family. Vegan never tasted so good!

Our recipes are designed to give you the best flavors without any compromise in satisfaction.

Cashew Lime Queso and Chips

Cashew Lime Queso and Chips

A dairy free queso dip and your favorite house fried chips.


Guacamole And Dipping Chip With Lime

Traditional Guacamole and Chips

Traditional scratch made guacamole with chips. A true latin staple.


Pineapple Pico

Traditional Salsa and Chips

Traditional Salsa and Chips, comes with your choice of one of our scratch made salsas.



3 Latin Poppers

Latin Poppers - jalapenos filed with Pico de Gallo and Cheeze Shredz are the perfect amount of spice, sweetness, and umami.


Grilled Corn

Melita's street Corn

Get 2 half ears of Corn on the Cob, grilled and rubbed in delicious latin spices. A perfect appetizer for two.


Battered Artichokes

Battered Artichoke Bites

These Battered Artichoke Bites are a favorite at Melita's Table and comes with Ancho Aioli sauce.


Taquito Taster for 2

Share two Lentil Taquitos and two Potato Taquitos with Crema and your choice of Salsa.


Lots of Vegan Tacos

Taco Taster

Comes with 7 of our Best Selling Tacos. Includes the Citrus Portabello, Jack Asada, Melita's Chorizo, Soyrizo, Veggie, 'Beaf', and Chik'n Tacos.


Sampler Platter

Sample of Indulgence. Comes with 2 'Beaf' Empanadas, 2 Latin Poppers, 2 Potato Taquitos, 3 Artichoke Bites. For dipping enjoy 3 Salsas or Sauces of your choice!



Melita's 'Beaf' Empanadas Box

Start off with three of our Beaf Empanadas and a side of Salsa.


Jack Asada Empanada

Jack Asada Empanadas Box

Start off with three of our Jack Asada Empanadas and a side of Salsa.


We apologize, Melita’s Table is temporarily closed. Please feel free to order from our sister restaurant Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grill, which offers many delicious plant based options including Jackasada – a vegetable based twist on Carne Asada, and Queso Planta, our plant-based, dairy free queso.