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Power to the Pulses

We are going to talk a little nuts-and-bolts this week; nothing too philosophical; just good ol’ beans, and specifically lentils. Have you ever heard people

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Simplify Life

Are you still going strong on your New Year’s Resolution? Did you know that according to U.S. News and World Report, 80% of Americans fail

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Plant Power

If you are researching a plant-based diet and are curious about how you could actually give up meat and dairy, one of your first questions

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finding balance

Small Changes

According to US News & World Report, 80% of Americans fail at their New Year’s Resolution by mid-February. Here we are at the end of

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stop eating meat

Why Not Meat?

In a previous blog, we reviewed the benefits of nutrition and eating plants, but there’s another step in achieving optimum health and that is based

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