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Red Quinoa

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“The journey not the arrival matters.” T.S. Eliot  Whether you are staying close to home or venturing out and about, there is always an opportunity

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Plant Power

If you are researching a plant-based diet and are curious about how you could actually give up meat and dairy, one of your first questions

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Better Together

Bubbling conversation, the tinkling of laughter, glasses clinking, intermittent silence followed by a sigh of flavorful enjoyment; these are pieces of love from a meal

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Food is Love

Sharing food, making meals and baking, has long been a form of sharing love with special people in your life. Did you know that historically,

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P.S. I Love ME!

During February we will celebrate many different facets of love. The love of good food (Melita’s favorite!), showing love for our planet, love of community

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