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Get to Know Melita

Melita is the face of Melita’s Table. She’s our mascot. Our team developed Melita to inspire us and give us a guiding light. She is the blend of several women we’ve met, know, and love. This is her story… she is everyone’s grandmother; the warm, caring lady who sang to them in the kitchen as she prepared amazing scratch-made suppers. She grew up in South America where her fondest memories were being in the kitchen with her Madre and Abuela. Family events revolved around the kitchen; from birthdays and weddings to baptisms and burials, she cherished time spent with her family in the kitchen. It was the place where life happened, laughter filled the air, bodies and souls were nurtured, and tears were dried.

As she grew, Melita gathered fond memories of harvesting the garden, learning about spices, and the methods of authentic Latin food preparation. When she came to America, she continued these family traditions in her own kitchen, with her children and then her grandchildren; laughter and tears brought her family together around the dining table. She brought her children and grandchildren into the garden to gather fresh vegetables for their meals and passed on her knowledge of how to prepare authentic Latin dishes with Love. While the process for creating old world meals was simple, the end result fed her soul.

As her recipe collection grew, she realized that she had a treasure trove of knowledge that needed to be shared. Melita wanted to bring simple yet tasty food to busy people; she understood that everyone wants to experience a home cooked meal without spending hours in the kitchen. She launched restaurants in Spain and France, but her life and love were always in America.

Today, you can experience Melita’s old world Latin recipes in the comfort of your own home or office. No matter whom you share a meal with, Melita’s Table can make it special by delivering a warm meal, full of flavor to your front door; a meal that will nurture the body and the soul. We provide the amazing food, you provide the table and the laughter!

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