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Melita's Table

Old world flavor. New world cooking.

Bringing old-world Latin flavors to your home has never been easier, better for you, or better for the planet. Melita’s Table, located in Las Vegas, is bringing healthy plant-based  food straight to you.

Melita’s Table is a concept born from our dreams… our dreams of food that feels as good as it tastes. Sharing a meal together builds community and bonds our families. And these shared meals should also feel good because they are consistent with our values. Melita’s gives you that value-driven dining experience along with uncompromising, authentic Latin flavor – delivered to your table.

We bring you this excellent dining experience, while still treading lightly on the Earth. Our plant-focused menu and recyclable packaging is just as important to us as is creating tasty food. We believe in preparing food responsibly and being transparent with our ingredients. At Melita’s Table you can always rest assured that you know what you are putting in your body.

We believe you should eat amazing food, even if you have diet sensitivities. Food that caters to diet sensitivities should taste amazing to everyone. Never compromise taste, your health, or your family’s health.

We believe these sustainable practices are not just for the wealthy. These values are not extravagant. Taking care of families and our environment are old world values. To uphold these tried-and-true principles, we are using dedicated space in professional kitchens and focusing on delivering amazing food to you, where you are most comfortable. Every step of the experience, from ordering to food preparation and delivery, has been thought through to ensure maximum value for you. At Melita’s Table you get more goodness for your money.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Melita’s Table. Pull up a chair, make yourself comfy and get ready to be transported to the world of Latin flavors with a twist. You are in for a treat! ¡Enhorabuena!

EXPERIENCE MELITA'S TABLE TODAY. tastes good. feels good.


Our Mission

To reinvent the dining experience by delivering delight in every meal; providing flavorful Latin inspired meals with a twist.

Create world class authentic Latin cuisine that feeds the soul of every guest. Provide Old World meals with a twist that are made from scratch every day with the freshest ingredients and tastiest spice combinations.

Melita’s Table will feed your body and soul with an authentic Latin meal experience!

Melita's Vision

Everyone deserves a food delivery option that brings homemade comfort to their dining table. Melita’s Table elevates family dining, creating a memorable meal experience in your own home.

Busy people with full lives will find a delicious, warm Latin inspired meal on their table when they choose to order from Melita’s Table.