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A New Year’s Resolution Never Tasted So Good: Start 2023 off FRESH with some Plant-Based Goodness


Planning to start the new year off with a new, healthier diet? We’ve got you covered. At Melita’s Table, we believe in healthy eating—and we especially believe in delicious food that makes you feel good inside and out. That’s why we’ve created our Jack Asada Burrito and Beautiful Bowl: they’re made with fresh plant-based ingredients, packed with flavor and nutrients, and leave you feeling guilt-free after mealtime. They are worthy of the kind of meals we’d make for our own family—from our table to yours.

The Plant-Based Stars of Our Healthy Burritos and Bowls

The main star of our healthy burritos and bowls is the jackfruit, a popular up-and-coming plant-based protein, and superfood. When it comes to health benefits, jackfruit is a serious powerhouse. This unique fruit has been around for ages and contains many of the essential vitamins and minerals that are typically found in animal products. Yes, you read that right—this fruit can provide you with the same nutrients as animal products, but minus the cholesterol and saturated fats. Jackfruit in particular is high in potassium, which has been shown to help balance electrolytes in your body and reduce blood pressure. To learn more about the jackfruit and its superfood powers, read more in our previous blog, Jackfruit: The Jack-of-All-Trades.

The other star of our Jack Asada Burrito is farro—an ingredient that has been proven to help your body fight off diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Farro is a type of wheat grain that is high in fiber and protein making it an ideal food choice for those looking to keep a healthier diet. Farro has more fiber than both brown rice and quinoa so it helps keep you feeling full longer, meaning there’s no need to snack between meals! It also contains iron which helps boost energy levels throughout the day. To learn more about the health benefits of farro, read more on our blog: Fabulous Farro, What Exactly Is It?

Stronger Together: Share Your Plant-Based Love with a Healthy Burrito Bar!

So if your New Year’s resolution is about starting something new—like eating a more plant-based diet—then let us help! And what better way to stay on track with a new year’s goal than to share it with others? Kick off the new year by hosting a healthy burrito bar for family and friends, with the help of Melita’s Table! Whether you’re hosting a small gathering of close friends, or a large gathering of extended family, we can help provide an amazing plant-based spread that will keep everyone talking and loving, even the pickiest of meat-eaters.

Skeptical still? We’ll let the food do the rest of the talking. Go ahead and try our Jack Asada Burrito or Beautiful Bowl for yourself – we get it, sometimes you just have to taste it to believe it 😊