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21 Easy Ways to Be More Kind to the Earth


Hola Amigos!

I have been so happy to talk about our eco-friendly foods and products with you. These small changes make a big difference for our planet! 

So, today before I go cook lunch for my family, I am going to share easy ways I practice being more eco-friendly to la Madre Tierra (Mother Earth). Now, these ideas are not rocket science. In fact, many of them are common sense, but they have a big impact on helping the earth. I hope you will take away some ideas from my list!

Melita’s easy ways to be more eco-friendly

  1. Get a reusable water bottle:

    I don’t like to use disposable water bottles. They are not healthy chic, okay? Let us put those to rest. I have a collapsible water bottle that is great for an active lifestyle.

  2. Say no to paper towels and napkins at home:

    I use washable dishcloths and napkins instead. It makes a big difference and feels so fancy.

  3. Eat plant-based food:

    Plant-based foods are healthy for our bodies and kind to the earth, and you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to choose a plant-based meal every now and then. I like to challenge my friends to go meatless at least two days a week. They can find delicious choices at Melita’s Table so it is an easy challenge!

  4. Get some foods in bulk:

    I buy beans and lentils in bulk because I cook them so much. This cuts down on the packaging I bring into my home. Plus, they help save money and last a long time. 

  5. Use loose leaf tea:

    Did you know most tea bags are not recyclable? I swapped my tea bags for loose leaf tea and it was so easy. I always keep a big jar of tea in my fridge to enjoy after a long day.

  6. Compost food scraps:

    Keep it simple like me, don’t make it complicated. I keep a pail on my kitchen counter and compost it once a week.

  7. Bring your own grocery bags:

    I don’t like to use plastic bags because most of them go in the trash after just one use. Instead, I bring reusable shopping bags to the store. Plus, I don’t have to worry about food falling out of a plastic bag with holes in it. That always makes steam come out of my ears!

  8. Use mesh produce bags:

    This is another easy swap – when I buy fruits and veggies, I bring my own produce bags. They help save thousands of bags from going into the trash.

  9. Recycle what you can:

    No one is perfect with recycling – not even me – but we can always get better. No matter what I bring into my home, I try my best to recycle first before throwing things away.

  10. Cut down on paper:

    I used to print everything – bills, recipes, directions (remember those days?) – now it is easy to get by without printing hardly anything. Only print if you have to!

  11. Don’t get buried under clothes:

    A few years ago, I had a full closet with “nothing to wear.” This is when I learned how much clothing ends up in the trash each year. Now, I only buy what I need and donate the rest. It makes me feel light and happy.

  12. Wash clothes in cold water:

    This is better for clothes anyway so they don’t accidentally shrink!

  13. Hang dry clothes:

    When I can, I hang my clothes in the backyard to dry. It is gentle on the earth and the sun can take away many stains – even, perhaps, my spiciest salsas!

  14. Think twice before throwing things away:

    If something breaks, I try to fix it before I throw it away or buy another one. Simple enough, right? 

  15. Bike or walk when you can:

    Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine by driving a little less. I like to walk early in the morning before it gets too hot.

  16. Save power:

    I like my home to be very bright, but when I’m not using the lights, I shut all of them off.

  17. Use rechargeable batteries:

    Disposable batteries are pricey and can damage soil and water if they end up in the trash. I have reusable batteries that will last a long time. 

  18. Run the dishwasher ONLY when it’s full:

    I love a sparkling clean kitchen, but don’t like to waste water or electricity. Since the dishes are out of the sink, it is easy to wait until the dishwasher is full before I run it. 

  19. Use natural cleaning products:

    I changed to non-toxic cleaning products in my home and it is wonderful. It was easy too. Watch out for cleaners with lots of chemicals; they are hard on the environment and might harm your familia and pets.

  20. Water the garden in the morning:

    I wake up early every day before it gets too hot to water my plants outside. The temperature is cooler so I don’t need to use as much water. Plus, I don’t need to sweat in the sun. I don’t like to sweat very much!

  21. Please don’t litter:

    This is so simple. If you have trash, throw it away in a manner that is kind to the planet. If we are kind to the earth, it will give kindness back to us. 

Be well, mis amigos.

Until next time, Melita