Colorado Trail Hike Trailhead

Colorado Trail Hike Live Updates

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Melita's Table Co-Owners Kori & Barry Hiking the Colorado Trail​

I have always believed in a sustainable, active lifestyle.  We like to be kind to the earth and appreciate mother nature, which is why co-owners Kori and Barry are immersing in nature this summer by hiking the Colorado Trail, spanning 567 miles between Denver, CO, and Durango, CO. Follow along on this blog for live updates about their summer journey along the Colorado Trail with Maddie, their loyal four-legged friend.

June 25, 2021 - Prep Work

Prep work is often the most important step – In cooking, hiking, and in life. We may not like chopping onions but doing it the right way sets you up for success. Kori and Barry have prepared well for the Colorado Trail. Organic freeze-dried rations will make up almost all of our meals out on the trail. Pictured below are dried cauliflower and dried parsley.

Freeze Dried Rations
Kori and Barry Tent

June 28, 2021: Setting Off on the Colorado Trail

“Hi all! Maddie, Barry, and Kori here. Made it to our first stop. Sore, but good. Scenery was great today.”

June 30, 2021: Making Progress, Thunderstorm at Night

“Morning all! We had to hunker down for a thunderstorm last night. Hiked a bit this morning. Taking a short break to let the tent dry.”

JULY 1, 2021 Update: More Thunderstorms

“Hi! It’s Kori and Barry here. Just weathered a huge thunderstorm. Luckily we already had the tent up, so we stayed dry.”