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Catering: Your Answer to the Personal Chef You’ve Repeatedly Requested From Santa


Reimagine Catering

When I hear the word catering, I think of office parties and wedding receptions. But catering is more than that, catering is not just the office party where your boss tries to make up for the lousy bonus you received. And it’s not just for weddings where the DJ plays bad 80’s music and your bridesmaids get drunk and dance a little too much.

We need to reimagine catering. 

Let me paint you a picture. 

It has been a long week, parents and kids have been at home trying to work and distance learn, tempers have flared, doors have been slammed. Everyone wants a break. Catering to the rescue! 

Catering gives families a break, it brings peace and harmony to the tightly wound home. Ordering different appetizers, entrees and buffet bars, means all the picky eaters get to create their perfect meal. And the best part, no kitchen duty, for anyone.

Catering to Feed Your Hungry Brood

Here’s another example of catering reimagined. My teens are going stir-crazy without regular social activities. They are bouncing off the walls and I think their phones are permanently glued to their fingers. With holiday breaks and no school work, they are bouncing off the walls even more than usual.

How can I get them outside for just a bit? 

Food! Teens love food. 

Outside gatherings of less than ten people are approved in our area. Check what is allowed in your area. I found a picnic table in a park and ordered taco bar catering. I threw down some blankets, brought out some games and bribed those kids with food and got them outside for a bit. You gotta do, what you gotta do!

Holiday Catering

At Melita’s Table, we believe in #goodvibes. Spreading goodness and cheer is for every day, not just holidays. Therefore, let’s reimagine holiday catering; it’s not just for Christmas and Thanksgiving, it’s for all the days in between too. 

Whenever you need a holiday, whether it’s a break before or after you have cooked a feast, or you order catering so you have enough food to feed your crowd for many days (which means a break from slaving over a hot stove!) Think of catering as the personal chef you have always wanted. Don’t you have a personal chef on your Christmas list? I know I ask Santa for one, every, single year.

Gluten-free Gift Delivery

Here’s how I love to use catering during the busy month of December; as a surprise gift for friends. I order a full meal and have it delivered to their door. I like to surprise my friends that have special dietary needs with a home cooked meal, as they often don’t get the luxury of enjoying a meal out that accommodates their allergies or sensitivities. 

I make a card in advance that says, “Don’t make dinner on December 12th,” and then have a full meal deal show up. I might add a delivery of flowers, too. Catered, custom gift…check, check! My plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free friends just love this meal experience. Catering packages with appetizers, entrees and desserts, are perfect for holidays or any days!

Wishing you a season of catered meals and no kitchen duty!