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If you have been following our blog, you have probably learned about the many benefits of adding more plant based meals to your diet. We have discussed the indispensable pseudo grain, quinoa, dived into the power of pulses and  have been amazed by the avocado. In addition to the numerous benefits a plant based diet provides, there are benefits that also impact your community and planet. If you decide to add more veggies to your diet or you are already following a plant based diet, you can enjoy the goodness your choices contribute to making our world a healthier and happier place to live!

How a Plant-based Diet Conserves Water

Forks Over Knives cites that nearly over half of water consumption in the United States goes to feeding livestock. Most of this water usage goes into growing the crops that feed the animals; in addition, water is used in the production of meat and dairy. Milk and cheese production use enormous amounts of water, for example, One Green Planet reports that it takes 1.000 gallons of water to produce just one gallon of milk! Replacing some of the meat consumption in your diet saves water.

Saving Animal Habitats by Eating More Veggies

Protecting our ozone is of great importance and following a plant-based diet can help. According to Forks over Knives, a 2017 study in the Climatic Change journal showed that if Americans ate more beans and less beef, 42% less cropland would be required, saving animal habitats and reducing fertilizer runoff into waterways.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

You’ve probably read that reducing the amount of time you spend driving can reduce your personal carbon footprint, thus helping the world’s cause to reduce greenhouse gases. While we may try to drive less, for some it’s just not possible based on jobs, home location and travel requirements. But don’t lose hope! You can still contribute to reducing your carbon footprint by changing your diet. This Carbon Calculator allows you to select commonly eaten foods and then calculates the annual greenhouse gases your consumption contributes to the atmosphere. Alternatives that have a lower carbon footprint are provided.

A Menu with A Mission

At Melita’s Table, our plant-based menu is central to our mission to bring goodness to our guests and our community. We strive to have our values reflected in every guest experience. 

  • Education & Encouragement: Resources, hints and tips and lifestyle hacks are curated to meet you where you are on your journey. No judgement, just good vibes!
  • Recyclable Packaging: Since Melita’s Table is currently a carry-out and delivery based restaurant, having our packaging be compostable and recyclable is important in reducing our impact on the earth and local landfills. You can feel good about what you eat and what you don’t!
  • Transparency: Our ingredients are transparent, wholesome and tread lightly on the earth. Melita’s plant-based menu ingredients have a lower carbon footprint and taste great! Options for all dietary needs are available, soy-free, oil-free and gluten-free menu items allow everyone to enjoy a flavorful Latin meal experience.

A collective effort will lead to sustainable changes. We are all in this journey together, learning, changing and growing. Join us for the ride, we promise it will be flavor-filled and full of fun!