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Recycled Costumes


With fall breezes swirling in the air, crimson foliage peeping through the trees and darkness descending a little bit earlier, kids and adults start thinking about candy, pumpkins and costumes! Creative ideas abound, for DIY costumes, so in the  spirit of sustainability, we’d like to offer a round up of upcycled and recycled costume ideas that you can make at home with simple items. Fun to make and even better, easy to recycle, these costumes won’t end up in a bin in your attic, instead they can be upcycled or recycled!

Making Costumes out of Recycled Materials

Library Fairy Princess Costume

library costume

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Lego Brick Costume

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Corn on the Cob

homemade halloween costume

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Paper plate angel wings

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Recycle Bin

DIY Halloween Costume

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Rocket Man Jet Pack

recycled halloween costume to make at home

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DIY Make Your Own Costumes

Have some fun, get creative and see how many items from your house you can repurpose into a costume! No need to purchase a costume from the store that your child will outgrow and only wear once. You would be amazed at what you can recycle and turn into a costume masterpiece.

Check out a few more inspirational ideas from blogger Carla Brown. Her Trashmagination blog has creative ideas for reusing all sorts of different trash items. Super fun recycled costumes for adults and kids costumes

Tag @melitastable with your creations! We’d love to see your recycled costumes.

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