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What is a Chimichanga?


Let’s learn something new! As we kick off the back to school season and leap out of summer and into fall, we’re gearing up for cool fall breezes, warm casseroles and comfort food. For those new to Mexican and Latin foods, we are going to learn about a beloved creation for Mexican food lovers; the Chimichanga.

What is the difference between a burrito and a chimichanga

The burrito is a much loved Mexican food, stuffed full of all types of goodness, easily customized and always tasty. But hold onto your sombreros,  the chimichanga takes burrito heaven one step further; to deep fried perfection. That’s the difference, a chimichanga is wrapped tightly with a stretchy, light flour tortilla and deep fried to a golden hue, reminiscent of an angel’s halo. You will think you have ascended to the heavens when you bite into a chimichanga from Melita’s Table.

Vegan Chimi

At Melita’s Table we’ve put a little more shimi in our chimi and packed it with plant based goodness. Our chimichanga is packed with marinated citrus portobello, lentil picadillo, brown rice and seasoned with Melita’s Fajita Mix. All this goodness is wrapped with a light and stretchy flour tortilla, rolled tight and then deep fried to a shimmering golden perfection.

Build Your Own Chimichanga

Not a fan of portobello in your chimi? Not to worry, at Melita’s Table we give you the power to build your own chimichanga and pack it with your favorite ingredients. Check out some of these amazing plant-based fillings that are in the “BYO” menu.

So get crazy and create a chimi creation your friends will envy. Try a few new plant-based, whole grain ingredients; we provide the ingredients, you provide the inspiration!

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