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The “Why” Behind Melita’s Table


Melita’s Table was born from a dream to prove that healthy food can and should be great tasting.  You do not have to comprise anything for great flavor. Most importantly, I wanted to show how healthy, home cooked delivery food can taste amazing.

Home Cooked Food Delivery

Melita’s Table is unique for a few reasons.  Our guiding principles are the first thing that makes us stand out from the crowd.  Our food tastes amazing and you still feel amazing after you eat. 

Melita’s Table makes ordering healthy home cooked delivery food easy! We offer pick-up so you can swing by and get your Latin flavor fix on your own schedule or order delivery when you feel like staying home. There is no in-store seating at Melita’s Table, instead, we bring home cooked food delivery to your front door where you can enjoy a meal in the comfort of your own home, with the people you love. 

This vision of sharing a healthy and great tasting meal with loved ones, sparked the idea of Melita’s Table. Delivery food can taste homemade and we prove it in every bite!

Whole Food Plant Based Diet

I became a believer in the whole food, plant based diet when I journeyed through my own health issues, and came out on the other side, fitter and healthier than ever before, thanks to my switch to a whole food, plant based diet. 

Since I started on my plant based journey, research and information on the science of what I have experienced has grown tremendously. The benefits of choosing to be on a diet derived from plants now has proven and documented data to back up the dietary, hormonal and health benefits that I have witnessed. Dr. Neil Barnard, with The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, recently released a book detailing his findings on these topics. I highly recommend the book to anyone who may be struggling with hormone issues, menstrual cramps, menopause symptoms or thyroid issues. There are solutions and a change in diet is one of them!

Vegan Mexican Food

Through my travels I discovered the amazing flavors of authentic Latin food. The spicy depth of an amazing salsa, the kick of a ripe pepper, the freshness of crisp garden vegetables straight from the market. I was naturally eating whole grains, legumes, and tons of veggies as I explored more Latin and Mexican dishes and these foods and flavors naturally aligned with my new found whole food, plant based diet. In that moment I was determined to bring these flavors to as many people as I could and share how amazing and delicious a plant based diet could be.

Eco-Friendly Delivery Food

Not only is healthy food important to me, but I also want to provide a food delivery option that treads lightly on the Earth. A plant-based menu is definitely a step in the right direction and by ensuring as much packaging is compostable or recyclable, we are really starting to do something unique in the restaurant industry.  Food that tastes good AND feels good. When you order from Melita’s Table, you can feel good about all aspects of your meal.

Our team at Melita’s Table is united in their passion to deliver meals that taste good and feel good, from the inside out. Providing fabulous flavors, transparent ingredients and allergy friendly menu that treads lightly on the Earth, is a win for our community and our planet. It’s why we do, what we do.

Please, come join us at our table!

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