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Unplugged No Cook Meals


We have been talking about getting “unplugged” for summer; finding activities to enjoy that do not involve a screen (link to previous blog) In this blog, we will cover how to prepare summer meals unplugged, meaning, easy, no-cook meals. Or in other words, meals that do not need a stove, microwave or a phone!

No Cook Plant-based Meals to Beat the Heat

These recipes are perfect for days when it’s hot or you just don’t feel like cooking. Here is a video by Pick up Limes that takes you through a quick tutorial on how to prepare three fast and fabulous meals.

Salad Rolls with Peanut Sauce

Chickpea Sandwich

Lentil Taco Salad

Pack up your no cook meals for a getaway picnic and enjoy those long days of summer. The chickpea sandwich is easy to transport and paired with a cool beverage, makes a refreshing mid-day meal.

On the Go Easy Meals

If you are traveling this summer, heading out for a long day or just looking for a way to do some no cook meal prep, these lunch or dinner ideas from The Plant Philosophy, are a fun way to pack up a plant -based meal in eco-friendly fashion using glass jars.

Taco and Burrito Buffet Bars

If you don’t feel like cooking, a great way to get family involved in eating unplugged with you is to create a BYO “Build Your Own” Taco or Burrito Bar. The kids and teens are sure to put down their phones and video games when they see piles of tasty toppings lined up in a row, and the best part is they get to choose their favorite ingredients and create their own meal! Taco and burrito bar catering here.

However you are unplugging for these last few bits of summer, we hope you are getting into a groove and enjoying some screen free activities. Your mind, body and soul will thank you!

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