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20 Things to Do Unplugged


Last week we talked about the benefits of unplugging from technology and allowing your mind and body to recharge. This week have 20 fun things to do screen free that will help you recharge and occupy your hands and mind!

Screen Free Summer Activities

Before you start, turn off push notifications.

  1. Wherever you usually keep your phone, put a book or magazine in its place. Pick that item up, instead of your phone.
  2. Plan out your week and add a few fun new activities. Do this in pen on paper!
  3. Make a list of what makes you smile.
  4. Cook something new.
  5. Draw a picture.
  6. Take a walk and find something in nature to draw.
  7. With all your new drawings, start an art journal.
  8. Make a collage from old magazines of one of your drawings.
  9. Take a stretch break.
  10. Write a poem.
  11. Write a letter instead of an email.
  12. If you are waiting in a line, start a conversation with the person in front or behind you.
  13. If you are sitting in your car, listen to a new music station.
  14. Daydream.
  15. Declutter a drawer or closet in your home.
  16. Read a book out loud with another person.
  17. Buy a bottle of bubbles and blow bubbles.
  18. Buy sidewalk chalk and decorate the sidewalk or your driveway.
  19. Do something on wheels; bike, skateboard, rollerblade, scooter.
  20. Pack a picnic and spend a lazy day at a park.

Life Unplugged

Whatever activity you choose to do, take time to enjoy it. Life unplugged will give you back time and energy in your day. Think of the time you spend unplugged as a gift, wrapped with a big bow, to yourself!

Happy Unplugging!

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