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Delivery Food that Is Diet Sensitive Friendly


Having certain dietary requirements can make it difficult to enjoy a meal away from home. Many people struggle to find good tasting food with transparent ingredients; from gluten sensitivities to dairy allergies, people shouldn’t have to compromise when ordering a meal for delivery. At Melita’s Table you can find gluten-free delivery food and ALL of our food is dairy-free!

At Melita’s Table we believe everyone has the right to eat food that tastes good and makes them feel good. #tastesgoodfeelsgood

Healthy Meals at a Mexican Restaurant

Every ingredient that is used at Melita’s Table is labeled on our website as gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, oil-free or nut-free. This makes it easy to build your own dishes (BYO) using ingredients that fit your dietary needs. 

We make it easy to find healthy meals at a Mexican Restaurant. Here’s an example of what you could put into a BYO, gluten and dairy free Latin Skillet, totally tasty!

  • Red Quinoa
  • Lentil Picadillo
  • Mushroom Chorizo
  • Rajas Grilled
  • Drizzled with Queso
  • Topped with Cucumber Salsa

See how easy that was, gluten and dairy-free doesn’t have to taste like cardboard!

Let us blow your mind with great tasting and healthy Mexican restaurant food!

Gluten-Free Food Delivery & Dine-In

At Melita’s Table there is no such thing as a special order! You can add, change and modify to your heart’s content. 

Substitutions, please do! 

We want every guest to feel good about their meal. That’s why we use plant-based ingredients and believe in total transparency when it comes to identifying what goes into our recipes. 

Here are a few items that many people are surprised to learn are gluten-free.

Soy-Free and Oil-Free Meal Choices

Looking to avoid soy or oil for health reasons? 

It’s often difficult to find oil free delivery food due to many options being fried. However, at Melita’s Table we have items that are both soy and oil free, making it easy to follow your dietary requirements and get a great tasting meal. 

Check out a few of our soy-free and oil-free options.

Melita’s meals, whatever you may choose, will delight your palate; the flavors are fresh and bursting with Latin spices. Close your eyes before you take a bite, and you’ll be transported to my kitchen; full of love, laughter and where homemade recipes are healthy and tasty…everyone deserves meals packed with flavor!

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