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How Our Values Define Our Efforts


You probably know Melita’s Table for its great tasting food, but behind the scenes we are driven to not only produce satisfying and healthy meals, but also to do our part in treading lightly on the earth as an eco-friendly restaurant.

Value-driven Dining Experience

Careful thought and planning is put into every aspect of the Melita’s Table experience. Right down to the factoid labels we place on each to-go container, our key values drive every aspect of your eco-friendly dining experience at Melita’s Table. 

Plant Focused Menu

Our meals are crafted with whole-foods and fresh ingredients. We are 100% plant-based which means each meal you eat has less impact on the Earth. From water usage to carbon emissions, a plant-based diet treads more lightly on the environment than an animal based diet. Statistics abound online proving this point. Here are a few:

Recyclable Packaging

Reducing the amount of trash that our restaurant produces is important to our team. Food plus packaging — some, though not all, of which is used to contain food —  make up about 45% of all the materials in U.S. landfills, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.  Much of the plastic packaging for single use items ends up in the ocean, in fact, approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in our oceans every year.  Melita’s Table has chosen delivery containers and labels that are recyclable and/or compostable. Each guest can feel good about the food AND the packaging for every meal they eat at Melita’s Table. See photos and read about our delivery containers here.

Transparent Ingredients

Every ingredient, in every item, is listed on our website. Each item is also labeled with allergen information, which clearly identifies each item as gluten-free, soy-free, oil-free or nut-free. We have a goal to use great tasting and healthy ingredients like the ones listed below.

The recipes used at Melita’s Table are original and unique; sure to please every dietary requirement.

Encouragement and Education

Melita’s Table strives to provide helpful information for anyone interested in a plant-based lifestyle. We have a treasure trove of recipes, hints and tips on our blog, “More Goodness.” We will meet you wherever you are on your journey to a more healthy lifestyle, with NO judgement! All attempts to transition are honored, even if that means just trying one plant based meal a week. Check out some of our most popular resources.

The team publishes a new blog every week, so check back for more ideas on how to embrace a plant-based lifestyle.

Each time you order from Melita’s, you will undoubtedly enjoy a fabulous meal, but also know that your purchase from an eco-friendly restaurant not only tastes good, but is benefiting the environment, your body and our world!

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