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How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation at Home


Continuing our June theme of “explore,” we’ve been thinking about summer vacation and how it can be defined with many people still embracing social distancing and “rest-at-home” orders, due to the lingering effects of COVID-19. A summer staycation may be just the thing, if you aren’t venturing far from home. We have a few ideas how you can add a new dimension to your summer vacation at home. 

Summer Staycation

We’ve compiled 10 ideas on how to enjoy your summer vacation at home. There’s more to explore in your own backyard or city street than you think; it just takes a little imagination! Read on to discover the top 10 staycation ideas.

1.Throw a blanket down in the backyard and have yourself a picnic. Cold beverages, fruity salads, sweet treats and some good music; you’re ready for a picnic. Don’t have a backyard? Do the same thing in your living room!

2. Pitch a tent! Don’t have a tent, borrow one. Have a camp out and sleep under the stars.

3. Try a new exercise class. Virtual or live, do something different, try something new.

4. Mini spa day at home. A great excuse to wear your bathrobe all day! Slice up some cucumbers, try out a new mask and take a bubble bath. Do things for yourself that you normally don’t do, that’s the key to making it feel like a vacation!

5. Take an art class, virtual or live. Again, try something new! Painting, calligraphy, drawing, clay; get out of your comfort zone and explore.

6. Depending on the progression of COVID-19, you could explore a new farmer’s market. Load up on veggies that you’ve never tried and look up recipes to create a farm fresh dinner! Can’t get to the market? Find foods you’ve never tried at the grocery store and cook a few new dishes.

7. Create a foreign country theme night. For example, for “Italian” night, create a slideshow of Italian images to put up on your TV, add some Italian music and dress-up as if you were spending a night out in Venice. Find an Italian meal to make (or order delivery!), set the table with linens and flowers. You will be transported, while staying home!

8. Plan a day hike. Pack a lunch (next blog we will have vegan picnic ideas!) and cold beverages and get outside. Long, short, difficult or easy; discover a new place with new scenery.

9. Grab your camera (or phone!) and take a walking trip around your neighborhood with the purpose of snapping photos of things you don’t notice on a daily basis. Look for ornate decoration on buildings, historic homes, old signs, animals, flowers and plants that look interesting; you’ll be amazed at what you pass everyday, that you don’t notice. Turn your photos into a slideshow!

10. Rearrange your house. Ok, this may sound like work, but the end result is fun and different. I’m speaking from experience! I gathered the entire family together and we switched our dining room with our living room. This change made us feel like we were in a different house, eating meals in a new place. The kids loved moving the furniture and we’ve enjoyed our new spaces. Exploring in our own home!

If you are staying home for vacation this year, we hope we’ve given you a few new ideas to explore. Do something you enjoy, eat delicious food, and spend time with people you love. That is the no-fail recipe for a fabulous staycation!

Melita & Kori