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Hungry Planet brings Plant-based Power to Melita’s Table


Melita’s Table prides itself in using quality plant-based ingredients in all of our recipes. One of our protein options comes from Hungry Planet; a company that is the first and only to develop a full range of premium meat alternatives that are plant-based. They can be stored, handled, prepared and cooked like conventional meat, but without all the baggage! All Hungry Planet items are made by chefs, for chefs, to use as a 1:1 substitution for conventional protein in just about any recipe – and nobody knows the difference. Melita’s Table uses Hungry Planet protein as options in our Build Your Own items and also in our Empanadas, Nachos, Street Tacos and Flautas.

Hungry Planet Meat Alternatives

Hungry Planet meats are now in hundreds of venues across the U.S., Canada and Australia, ranging from fine dining to fast food, schools, health care, universities and corporate campuses. Many of you have probably eaten a Hungry Planet protein and not even known it!


Hungry Planet meats are not only good for your body, but also for the planet. To make a Hungry Planet product, they use over 90% less resources than conventional animal meat. Check out the facts below on water footprint, land footprint and carbon footprint of Hungry Planet production versus traditional beef burger production.

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Hungry Planet is on a mission to bring healthy alternatives to traditionally underserved populations. We at Melita’s Table, couldn’t agree more. We are proud to be using their products and helping to advance their philanthropic cause through the Hungry Planet Philanthropy Project. The project works to allow everyone, regardless of age, income or geography, to have access to delicious, healthy food that is better for them and for the planet. So far, the project has helped sponsor over 1 million meals to public schools K-12.

Plant Protein Options

Hungry Planet has also worked with Dr. Neal Barnard and others with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Dr. Barnard did a tasting with Hungry Planet and was impressed with the “lean and clean” ingredient deck for Hungry Planet products and the fact that their products contain half the calories and a fraction of the fat and sodium of other pre-prepared plant-based meats. Through contacts of Dr. Barnard, Hungry Planet is collaborating and in discussions with New York City Health and Hospitals, and Adventist Health. They have also been on the menu for many years at Baptist Health South in South Florida. Bringing healthy alternatives to the masses is coming one-step closer to fruition and Hungry Planet will keep striving to inform the public about protein options that are healthy and tasty!

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