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finding calm in a busy world

Finding Calm During the Holidays


Wouldn’t it be great to head into the holidays with a calm and centered spirit? Leave behind the hustle and bustle and enter into December, cool as a cucumber? I think wed all like the secret recipe to make that state of mind a reality. Id like to give you a few simple ideas that may help you achieve more balance during the holiday season.


Part of the definition of de-stress is to reduce emphasis.Start the month of December by reducing emphasis on the material aspect of the season. This conscious act will set you off on the right foot towards a calmer holiday. Transfer your energy towards conveying gratitude to family and friends instead of focusing on the next best thing to buy. Simple is better. Offering assistance in the form of childcare for busy parents or offering a ride to an elderly neighbor, takes the emphasis away from purchasing material things, and places your mind on a path to giving of yourself.

Nature Nurtures

adventure-atmosphere-conifer-conifers-418831.jpgGet outside! Fresh air, natural scenery, and a little bit of movement does wonders for the psyche. Bundle up and tromp around in the snow. Unplug and feel the wind on your face. Forest bathingis a new buzz -word that invokes the vision of submersion into the depths of wilderness, albeit fully clothed. Forest bathing has been shown to combat depression and reduce anxiety. So head for the hills and take a breather during the seasonal rush. Here is a great article explaining forest bathing and its benefits, more in-depth.

Tea Time

blur-close-up-coffee-cup-cup-405238.jpgTaking a few minutes during the day for a hot cup of tea while listening to calming music can release tension and bring calmness to your day. Herbal teas can provide many benefits. One favorite cold weather herbal tea is peppermint, which has been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and frustration. If you are looking to purchase a tea, find a few favorites here.

By incorporating just a few elements of calm into your week, can make a huge difference in your emotional well-being during the holidays. Healthy eating, plentiful rest, and a few stolen moment of respite, will make this season one to cherish!


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